In 2010, Janine Mudge was ready for something new. Her long and successful career at Verizon – in Boston and New York – had run its course. She said goodbye with a smile to great colleagues and began looking for new ways to use her expertise in marketing, advertising and public relations.

A high-energy gal with no desire to “retire,” Janine got to work learning more about social media. She took a website development class and created CityGardenIdeas.com. The site offers information and inspiration about urban gardening, a passion for Janine for more than 15-years. The site is Janine’s learning lab. She blogs every week. The site links to a Facebook page, a Twitter handle and Pinterest. Currently, citygardenideas.com is earning 100+ views a day and has logged more than 20,000 views. Not bad.


In March 2011, Janine opened Mudge Mullen Consulting, LLC. Her marketing firm is all about small businesses and helping them promote their products and services. The first year was lively. During ordinary conversations, she found business people who needed her services or knew someone who did. Client referrals were steady. Partnerships with smart, talented vendors were built. Best of all, the client marketing, strategic and public relations efforts were successful.

Today, Mudge Mullen Consulting serves a diverse roster of clients. From financial services to business aviation safety, luxury handbags to folding commuter bicycles, Janine and her team are helping small businesses promote their brands and products in a way that benefits their bottom line. It continues to be challenging and fun.


Janine holds a BS in Communications/Media from Fitchburg State College, Fitchburg, MA, and an MBA from Boston University, Boston, MA. She is a world traveler with a fondness for Asia and Europe. She is a voracious reader of news and great literature, including the entire Harry Potter series. She welcomes recommendations.

Janine is a member of the Boston Chamber of Commerce, The Ad Club of Boston, the American Marketing Association and the University of Massachusetts Club Board of Governors.